Popsenteret is Norway`s capital-based interactive museum of popular music. Our mission is to exhibit the vast history of Norwegian popular music and culture, with a particular focus on Oslo and its surrounding regions.

The center makes use of cutting-edge audio-visual technology, amongst other things inviting guests to record in our studios, mix their own tracks and undertake album-cover photo shoots. Re-record famous songs by artists such as A-ha and make it your own.  We also display some of the most sought-after and rare Norwegian music memorabilia spanning more than 100 years of popular music and pop-culture. Popsenteret is a must-visit for music fans of all ages.

Address: Trondheimsveien 2, Bygg T, 0560 Oslo

hosted by Plekter Vintage & Special c/o Talisman AS (org. 989247441MVA)
mobil +47 97117213   e-mail: post@plekter.net   or   post@reverb.no